The Willie’s Distillery Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml ram tough bottle

Tasting notes:
A nose of newness, the gnu’s nose, the morning news, the day is dawning on corncob elves wearing leather loafers.  Macadamia nut pâté served on a betel leaf platter.  Leather basketball.  Dribbling babies tickled with peacock feathers.  Green beans on a solar panel.  Prunes suspended in rosewater.

     The mouth crackles like fancy .22 rifles firing at a regional marksmanship competition.  There’s some strong mint, some sort of sharp mint.  Gub’mint?  No, spearmint used by the corncob elves to hunt trout.  (Note to self: introduce line of stronger-than-Altoid’s mints called “ExactoMint” with marketing tie-in to craft stores to capture the scrapbooking community).  Okay, where was I?  Corn silk and cherry lollipops.  More leather; a billfold emptied of its bills by your doe-eyed daughter. 
     Light, syrupy, smooth, short finish.  It’s the anaesthetic of choice at the rattlesnake saloon.  Watch out!  Pepper and cinnamon are hanging around, and they look like they are ready to cause trouble.  But then they found their way to the dance floor for a sinewy dance-off.  Pepper won, but only barely.



–On the scale of songs set on the dance floor that are calling for peace–
The Willie’s Distillery Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps”–Though this tune never charted, it’s been a classic rock mainstay for over 40 years and tells a story everyone can understand. 


–Our thanks to Willie’s Distillery for the sample!

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  1. Karl Harrison // June 28, 2019 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    Possibly the best liquor review I’ve ever read! And what a fantastic bourbon – bought a couple of bottles in Ennis last summer whilst fishing on the wonderful Madison River. Its helped me to understand the story for sure!

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