The Talisker Dark Storm

1 Litre making-it-rain bottle

Tasting notes:
This dram is so dark ruby red, if you click the glass against the bottle three times, you end up in Kansas, which is a biker bar on the Isle of Skye.  The nose is laden with sweetness, redolent, even…[at which point a lively discussion broke out between the three of us on the pronunciation and etymology of “redolent”].  It’s like oleander sauteed in a frying pan in a camp fire, but only if the frying pan is the Now You Cedar It, Now You Don’t™ all cedar, single-use frying pan.

     On the mouth, it’s like sucking on the exploded tubes of Black Cat firecrackers, then chewing on strawberry caramels, and chasing them both with ash-dusted cheese curds.  It’s crazy sweet and fruity, too: there’s a serious note of Grapefruit Rage Spritzer®, Gatorade’s first foray into the pre-mixed cocktail market.  There are also some beautifully fine, light notes: imagine a 15,000 thread count bed sheet you can barely even see.  Luscious goodness weighs down the peat.
     The finish is spicy and gorgeous, with notes of burnt licorice, run, and saddle wax.  Experiencing the finish makes one realize that this whisky would be amazing in a carrot cake.  Hmmm, Dark Storm Carrot Cake.  Sounds like a sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Talisker can flat make it rain. 


–On the scale of food items I wouldn’t mind raining down on me–
The Talisker Dark Storm is chocolate croissants–They’re soft enough that they wouldn’t hurt, they wouldn’t make a tremendous mess, and a backyard full of them would make me damn happy.  I do have quite a bit of French blood in me, after all.   


–Our thanks to NE rising star Sarah for the sample!


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