The Lost Distillery Lossit Blended Scotch Malt Whisky

100 ml secret stash bottle

Tasting notes:
Mmmm… this nose is a smooth operator, with a splendid peat overnote.  Think of the smell of peat ablaze and caught in amber.  Then it’s melted and stamped into a 180 gram vinyl re-release of the complete recordings of Peaches & Herb.  If that doesn’t capture the peaty awesomeness, then consider this.  If Superman built his Fortress of Solitude out of this peat, using adobe-style architectural plans got off the internet, not even the terrible deeds of Lex Luthor would prompt him to leave it.  Not clear yet?  Okay imagine if peat and lamb’s ear ivy mated, and this was their velvety offspring.

     The mouth is a vernal frog pond.  I’m on the marshy banks of the pond reading the galley prints of Arnold Lobel’s rediscovered classic, Frog and Toad Go Dramming.  Sure, there’s a little smell of turtle, but the phenols, eucalyptus, and light molasses are not deterred.  A seaweed wrapped ScarJo, a memorable mummy in a red carpet prank, rounds out the lovely roundness of the mouth.
     The finish is a bouquet of magnolia flowers decaying slowly on a mahogany lowboy.  Wow, my phenol receptors are nearing overload.  I might look for surgeon to perform a frontal lobotomy, strictly for cosmetic reasons.  But let me be clear.  This wonderful whisky has peat in all the right places and in all the right ways.  It does not overdo it.  It is not entering the PPM race.  It signed a non-peatliferation treaty and, by God, it’s a dram of its word.



–On the scale of lesser known facts about Peaches & Herb–
The Lost Distillery Lossit is the fact that there have been seven different women who have formed the “Peaches” half of the duo–The group went on hiatus periodically so that the other half, Herb Fame, could pursue a career in law enforcement.  I like to imagine him during his stint as a U.S. Marshal cuffing a serial scofflaw and leading him back to prison while humming his hit song, “Reunited.”


–Our thanks to Jeffrey Karlovitz and the Lost Distillery for the sample!

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