The FEW Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml no wasted space in a case bottle

Tasting notes:
On the nose, the FEW Bourbon presents with caramel apple Jolly Ranchers® and the fake red from that candied red popcorn, the origin of which now escapes me.  There are also cherry Vick’s® cough drops fresh off the production line. It’s hot and bright, but a bit burnt and leathery, too.  It’s like the catcher’s mitt after Nuke LaLoosh’s 18 walk, 18 strikeout game (“Another new league record! In addition, he hit the sportswriter, the public address announcer, the bull mascot twice…”).

     The mouth is fast, with hints of young and green, but also with a nice creaminess. Anise flavor without the licorice, tannins, essence of black tea, cut with soy milk instead of cream–all with a thin cough syrupy viscosity.  The finish is really bright and long. It’s really interesting to have such a long finish without burning or tingling spice.  Don’t get me wrong: there’s spice there, but it isn’t what drives the long finish. It’s the tannins: drying and soft and mouth-filling, not unlike the freshly tanned soft leather bit my dominatrix had fitted for my gimp mask.  Don’t ask.
     Add a little water and go back to the nose, and it’s orange pekoe tea that’s been caramelized into a white truffle mouse (not mousse) from Burdick’s. In other words, it opens up wonderfully on the nose.  With water, the mouth is, as we’ve often noted, waterier. But the tannins are softer and more floral, but still sweet.  This is feeling more and more like a dessert dram to enjoy with dark chocolate.  Or a desert dram to enjoy with a full canteen.



–On the scale of disturbing images from the tasting notes above–
The FEW Bourbon is 18 walks to go along with multiple HBPs (Hit By Pitch)–What a disastrous pitching line! Horrific! I think I’m going to need a little restraint to deal with this…   




–Our thanks to Paul Hletko and FEW Spirits for the sample!


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