The Glencadam 22 Year 1991 from The Exclusive Malts

30 ml Frodo full-sized bottle

Tasting notes:
The Exclusive Malts Glencadam 1991 22 year old noses like sniffing the business end of a genie’s lamp. Literary folk: This is the spot to insert a Shakespearean pun involving the word “wick.” I have only one wish: to drink deeply and think different. Okay, that’s two wishes, but I get a third, too. It’s a maximally amazing aurora borealis, a plunger made of onyx that’s destroyed more than a few toilets in the name of progress and ram-rodded tubes. After the plunging storm, the Platonic form of the lemon emerges; a Fabergé lemon, or maybe just a glass of limoncello next to a cello being stroked by Philip Glass (who’s holding a glass of lime—ever the iconoclast!).

     On the mouth, beautiful and hot, flowery and fragrant; a flagrant fragance, like pineapple without the pine (or the apple). Sweetbreads, but only if they were, uh, constituted of “sweet bread” and not “sweetbreads.” 
     The finish blossoms like Leopold Bloom. It is an unending finish like the myth of Sisyphus reconfigured for a marathon runner, who try though he might, run as fast as he can, sees the line receding into the distance like a ship disappearing into the fog. Magnificent maple quiche served on a lustrous copper platter. Hot tumeric peanut stew sprinkled with fire ants. The finish is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is absolutely worth chasing, as if the rainbow got only more spectacularly colorful and substantive the more you ran towards it, Iris incarnate.



–On the scale of things that just don’t finish and get better and better–
The Glencadam 22 Year 1991 from The Exclusive Malts is watching the three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back-to-back–It just keeps going on and it just keeps getting better and better and better and better…


–Our thanks to Sam Filmus and ImpEx for the sample!

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