The English Whisky Company Peated English Single Malt Whisky

200 ml in-the-gauntlet flask

Tasting notes:
My first takeaway of the nose is how clean it is!  This nose is so clean (how clean is it?) you could…scrub a floor with it, then clean out a forgotten stable, then return a Superfund site to Edenic purity, and finally use the same sponges to sterilize surgical instruments.  But cleanliness is next to peatiness, as the saying goes, and that’s what’s next on the nose.  I’m wearing thick peat galoshes and carrying tiny burl wood lasts for elves to use when making little shoes for tiny dancers.  Look at them stretching the peat, cutting it, and making perfect little shoes!

     The mouth is a simulated egg yolk for a food magazine photo shoot, comprised of hair gel, kerosene, yellow dye, and an egg yolk.  Rack of lamb heated by a computer that lacks RAM.  Sails thwocking impatiently before the start of a race.  On the back end, peat sniffed through a cocktail straw then waved over a field of electromagnetic, odorless polymers like a magical wand.
     The finish is peaty at first then it backs down like a bully confronted with a fist.  A plate of vegetables dusted with volcano ash.  A light soapy smell, like an Old West soap used for scrubbing horses or bathing oneself in a river.  Like a roman candle, it’s showy at first, full of vim, but then ebbs away, rather like life itself.  Not a long finish.  A session malt.



–On the scale of songs about rock band seamstresses–
The St. George’s Distillery Peated English Single Malt Whisky is Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”–Or perhaps it is better to say, it is this scene from Almost Famous.


–Our thanks to Raj Sabharwal and Purple Valley Imports for the sample!

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