The Glen McKenna 50

750 ml How I Met Your Mother bottle

[The grainy shot we have here is of the Glen McKenna 30 Year Old.  Its 50 Year Old sibling is rarely seen in the wild–or anywhere else for that matter–and is the stuff of legend (or at least wedding inn legend).  We were lucky enough to get a sample, and just at the ideal moment, right as How I Met Your Mother was airing its series finale.]


Tasting notes:
This whisky, like the show it appeared on, is bright and vibrant on the open and quite accessible.  As it goes along, you find yourself more and more attached to what you find there–you become more schtuck to the schtick, as it were.  On the nose, there’s fudge, Big Fudge, or marshmallows, if you prefer, and lilypads.  A lovely combination of aromas there.  Inhale as deeply as you can, and for a moment, you can see Sparkles.  It’s not unlike a well-placed self-five.

     The mouth is a muddled mélange of magician miscellany and the muffler from a MacLaren.  There’s also the distinct flavor of an altar left half-attended.  Strippers, dopplegängers, and expensive italian suits round out the mouth.  As the mouthfeel dissolves into the finish, it’s a blue french horn that no one will ever play again.
     The finish is schmaltzy and draws itself out a good deal longer than it has any right to.  Near the end here, a new note pops up from the background, and attractive as it is, it disappears quickly–maybe too quickly–almost making you want to say, “Hey there, bass player, we hardly knew ye!” The overall effect is quite satisfying nonetheless, though far from the anticipated legen…wait for it…wait for it…well, you’ll be waiting forever, ’cause it just ain’t that.



–On the scale of great things this whisky is not–
The Glen McKenna 50 Year Old is not Slapsgiving–But then again, there is nothing as great as Slapsgiving.  Nothing.






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