The anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition: Warehouses

750 ml Arkletastic bottle and tube

Tasting notes:
The fourth in a series of anCnoc expressions with tubes and labels designed by Peter Arkle, this one is nicknamed “Warehouses” …or maybe it should be “Werehouses”–but only if they turn into office buildings when the moon’s full. Oh wait, maybe I have that backwards.  At any rate, feeling unsure about the given nickname, I’ve nicknamed my bottle and tube “Blocky.”

     The nose on this one opens with salt-cherries brined for a short sail on the Lake of Lust. Then comes the farkleberry juice. Or maybe snarkleberry or Urkelberry (Did I do thaaat?!?).  There’s also dust on the nose, alongside spicy apple cider, or maybe an apple seder (Happy Passover! L’chaim!), and a paprika Pop-Tart.
     The mouth oozes ooh-factor: it brings on early onset O-face. OMG.  It’s like a liquor-soaked marshmallow wearing a naugahyde vest.  And you’re thinking of proposing marriage five minutes in.  It’s creamy, buttery, udderly unctuous.  But it’s the heat on the mouth that tells you not to put this on popcorn.  Jalapeño poppers, but only if jalapeños were fiddleheads and popcorn were couscous.
     The finish has some heat that comes on quickly, but then dissipates.  The finish hits solidly in the middle register, with lemons fading into dried apricots, bay leaf cigarillos (low tar; 100s), and pencil drawings used to trace out a path for ants to escape through a puddle of corn syrup.



–On the scale of unexpectedly amazing things–
The anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition: Warehouses is this site about jackalopes–The third one makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.  It sure as hell does.

–Our thanks to Brian Johnson and InterBev for the sample!

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