The Springbank 21 Year Old Lombard

30 ml Hooke's mini

Tasting notes:
The Springbank 21 Lombard nose opens with wool socks washed in brined and herbed room-temperature de-pulped orange juice. Experimental plants designed to outcompete weeds: butthistles, assalfa, and strawbooties. We also found moleasses—another experiment, perhaps gone awry—smeared as a sealant and repellent on a boat skippered by a pacifist skipper to keep it from sinking and, more importantly, to dissuade Somali pirates. Fresh sages mixed into black tar heroin—at least so Stephen reports, based on a long odyssey ending in a cantina in Baja California.

     On the mouth, it’s hot, salty, and spicy, like John’s vocabulary after being rejected by a barmaid at the same cantina. (All things considered, I think I’m glad I didn’t stow away in the MaltMobile for that trip.) Bursts of just barely ripe boysenberries, over-ripe olallieberries, beri-beri, and cough drops.

[Stephen: Bill! Beri-beri is a disease! And stop writing about the cantina!]

It’s also French-kissing a mistletoe, rather than kissing a Frenchwoman under a mistletoe, moving towards premium urethane skateboard wheels ridden by Tony Hawk in the 1995 Summer X-Games.
     The finish is long and strong, like a crowbar used by Archimedes to move Mars, like a Resalination Plant that also adds caffeine and the laughter of Icelandic triplets speaking their own private language, playing in the Norwegian Sea for the first, and probably last, time of the all-too-brief summer. Lurking in the shadows, the stepchild of a green banana and a purple lemon.



–On the scale of laws of nature–
The Springbank 21 Lombard is the Slinky–It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s a spring that seems to defy Hooke’s Law, and best of all, you can bank on it going down stairs


–Our thanks to Sam Filmus and ImpEx for the sample!

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