The Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Sherry Finish

60 ml rear echelon mini

Tasting notes:
The initial hit this dram offers on the nose is, oddly enough, simultaneously slightly musty/musky and rather clean. And it’s clean in a way that’s somehow less than optimal–like the best member of Hanson. MmmBop. But once you dig down past that opening, there is a panoply of other notes: urethane wheels on a longboard for Shaun White, freshly sanded white pine the second before the lacquer hits it, fluke tacos in a ski chalet, and mint leaves rubbed on a dining room chair that has ball and claw legs. Wow, what a wild nose! Like Apollo chasing Daphne, I’m sure I’d love this nose if only I could just capture it as it is. Alas, the preceding is the best I can do. The mouth is rich and thick and bright and minty and green all at once: bunches of clover, spearmint, and heather woven into a circlet for the sixth grader who wrote the best couplet. Chiclets. Bespoke all-purpose glue (no horses). Unroasted hazel nuts outfitted with diesel engines racing on a cold moonlit night. Ox blood oranges. The finish is the marbled endpapers of a great novel. Savored and savory. The musty/musky note from the nose now reveals itself as a hairdresser named Sherri whose specialization is drying to perfection.



–On the scale of things the name of this whiskey reminds me of–
The Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Sherry Finish is a nappy pogue named Jerry Binnish–Fuzzy rear-echelon guys are always fun, especially when the names get this close to that of a nice whiskey.






–Our thanks to Laura Baddish and Castle Brands for the sample!

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