The Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey

120 ml biscuit in a sample bottle

Tasting notes: 
     This one opens with furniture polish for blonde wood, surfboard wax and hair pomade, both for a waterskiing squirrel. That has albinism. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are also mangoes, fatty fruits, and under-ripe avocados.
On the mouth, it’s like a rich limoncello made from butterscotch instead of lemons.  Butterscotchcello. If you made molasses with ginger it would taste like this. If ginger tasted like this, there’d be no such thing as Kick-A-Ginger Day

[Full disclosure: The Malt Impostors think redheaded people are beautiful and worthy of, if anything, extra love. Accordingly, we are very much opposed to the idea of kicking them.
     The finish is like a long horror movie where the protagonist triumphs, even if you don’t like horror movies (if you don’t, imagine the peripheral characters don’t do abjectly stupid things to advance the plot and/or get themselves killed). Hangs around like a good, low level buzz when you’re out with friends. There’s also the effect of the residue of orange pekoe tea drying out your palate. It’s spicy and aggressive and persistent, a bit like Miley Cyrus before she became annoying. [Bill: There was a time before that?]



–On the scale of  of individuals who were great improvements on their predecessors (even though the Clontarf 1014 is the same whiskey as the Clontarf Classic Blended Irish Whiskey)–
The Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey is Jimmy Fallon–He’s Irish! That’s definitely better, right?!?



–Our thanks to Laura Baddish and Castle Brands for the sample!

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