The Sons of Liberty Battle Cry Single Malt Whiskey–Bottle 1 of 465

375 ml firsties bottle

Tasting notes:
Sourball candies made with honey dew rind.  Goat skin orthotics worn by a sockless Einstein, post-annus mirabilus but pre-annus horribilis.  A paint roller slapping Rustoleum® onto a bank vault door to cover the fingerprints and gunfire residue.  Honeysuckle and cherry blossoms steeped in rice wine vinegar.  A polished Tamil urumi left on a stack of Bravo magazines, freshly-printed, with Suzanne Pleschette on the cover, ca. 1963.  Gloucester fisherman rain slickers.  Matunuck oyster shells in a publicly commissioned art project. Mulligatawny stew with lamb, Prince Edward Island mussels, arrowroot, and za’atar.  A New Year’s Eve appetizer made from pineapple, cloves, and banana leaves.  And formed into the shape of a miniature Revolutionary War soldier rallying his unit with a wicked whoop.  A gift of anise from a niece visiting Nice.  Container ship moorings.



–On the scale of rare Beanie Babies–
The Sons of Liberty Battle Cry Single Malt Whiskey is Punchers the Lobster–One of the original nine, this bright red lobster is rarest whose tag reads “Punchers” rather than “Pinchers,” the name that was used on the tags of subsequent lobsters.

–Our thanks to Mike Reppucci and Sons of Liberty for the sample!

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