The Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask

50 ml delicately branded mini

Tasting notes:
     On the nose, John nailed this one: More delicate than mouse slippers. And easier to find!  Seriously, we can’t top that, so on to the mouth!
     On the mouth, there’s toffee, a little smoke, some luscious, perfectly ripe fruit.  It holds its 40% abv like a flyweight boxer who demolishes the cruiserweights and heavyweights in his gym.  It’s beautifully balanced and delicious.  The word “Wow!” forms in your mouth as you taste, but as you get through the finish, it comes out as “WIN!”
     And speaking of the finish, it’s light and long and delicate, but maybe not quite so much as the nose.  Think cat tiaras.  Held atop Fabergé oranges.  Displayed next to skillfully sequined gnat blouses.  You know, for that night out on the town no one will ever witness.
     Overall, this is a sophisticated dram ready for a novice (though perhaps it’d be better appreciated by a more experienced drinker).  It’s a Mrs. Robinson dram: it’ll age you up.



–On the scale of ages of discovery–
The Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask is Benjamin Braddock‘s 20 going on 21–We know the Glenfiddich Age of Discovery is 19 years old, but this feels older than that.  Or maybe it just thinks it’s ready to be.  Either way, it’ll put the aimless on a well-defined path.  Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.




–Our thanks to Mitch Bechard and Wm. Grant & Sons for the sample!

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