The Compass Box Delilah’s Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky

100 ml vial of punk whisky love


Tasting notes:
As the only Impostor to have experienced first hand the joy that is Delilah’s and the brilliance that is Mike Miller, naturally it fell to me to write up this particular review.  But I have to say up front that my experience there was atypical: they played only Motown the night I was there.  No punk rock at all.  So factor that into your model when assessing what these exit polls will indicate about the eventual outcome.

     The nose opens with road flares stubbed out onto a car tire that had just run over a slab of lemontree hardwood charcoal used to cook an Arctic Char–actually a Dolly Varden [Bill: I beg your pardon?] [John: No, not her].  It’s auspicious, regardless of the circumstances from whence you engage it.  There are also notes of pomegranate, puréed and run through a centrifuge to isolate the heavy essence of it so you can sprinkle it over steamed spaghetti squash for your vegetarian and soon-to-be-ex-friend who doesn’t have the sense to eat what you cooked for him in your Big Green Egg.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the hint of mustiness on the nose.  It’s feisty for a musty…note.  Not unlike a well-aggravated woman. One could gestate in the nose for nine months.  And come out a sixteen year-old.  
     The mouthfeel is ungodly.  Matchless.  Makes me want to go buy a dog, name him Clyne, and take him out on a leash.  And then name my first-born child John Glaser.  Beautiful.  Flavors of leeks sautéed in extra, extra virgin oil that sweats out of the leaf sheaths when you smile at them.  Wikileeks.  But without the controversy.  Or the annoying personalities.  Overall, the mouth is as smooth and light as an elf running across a field of snow juggling babies.  It moves fast, but you can’t help but want to linger over it.
     The finish is spice so perfectly integrated into an appetizer that you’re soon fighting your two friends for the fourth and last piece.  The mouthfeel, which initially seems fast but not watery, becomes a coating, oily/waxy combo on the finish, and it distributes the flavor and the piquancy evenly throughout, like an emulsifier isolated from invasive algae, creating an experience as satisfying as an environmental twofer.  The finish is medium long, but, as with the most gorgeous things, it still leaves you too soon.  I am now inconsolable.



–On the scale of the joys of a well-aggravated woman–
The Compass Box Delilah’s Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky is…Really?  I have to spell it out for you?  If you don’t have any idea, then you really should go find out for yourself.  But for some of them, be advised: you might want to wear a helmet.


–Our thanks to Robin Robinson and Compass Box for the sample!

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