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After a very successful Boston debut last fall, Whisky Live, Whisky Magazine’s grand tasting event, returns to Boston on Wednesday, October 2 at the Park Plaza Castle, 130 Columbus Ave., from 6.30PM until 10PM (from 5PM until 10PM for VIP ticket holders).  To our minds, this is a big part of the success of last year’s event: it’s wonderful to have so much time to stroll and chat and sample whiskies slowly and carefully.

Once again, those lucky enough to attend will have the opportunity to sample the finest whiskies, including Bourbons, single malt Scotches, Irish whiskies, and more.  Attendees will also be able to hobnob with master distillers, brand ambassadors, and industry experts will be pouring over 150 whiskies throughout the event.  Between the pours and hobnobbing, it will be very easy for attendees to feel like glamorous whisky insiders–or at least to feel “whisky special” (yeah, you know what I’m talking about…).  The show will feature the mondo, multinational conglomerate titan brands, like The Glenlivet and Ardbeg, side by side with spirits produced by smaller American boutique distilleries, including some made in Massachusetts, and award-winning new world whiskies from places as far flung as France and India.  Still, attendees are encouraged not to get too “far flung” as they partake of the smorgasbord of whiskies on offer. 

This year’s event also includes the Boston debut of the Indie Spirits Expo, a show-within-a-show featuring small spirits entrepreneurs. Whisky Live tickets allow guests to visit the Indie Spirits Pavilion and sample gin, mezcal, vodka, liqueurs, and more from international craft producers and boutique importers.  Clearly, this part of the show is for 1) those whose interests extend beyond “brown” spirits, 2) those who aren’t fans of whisky but somehow “find themselves” at the event, 3) those who are never satisfied (in this case, with just whisky when they buy tickets to an event called “Whisky Live”).

For that “base layer” whisky event attendees need (whether they realize it or not), Whisky Live also features a top-notch, full buffet dinner.  And if that’s not enough for you (perhaps because you fall into category 3), above), every guest receives a complimentary Glencairn crystal tasting glass. 

Tickets are $119. VIP tickets are $149. The event starts for VIP ticket holders at 5PM. 

For further information and tickets, please visit 


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