Discount Code for both 2013 Whisky Jewbilees October 9 & 10!

     If you don’t know about the Whisky Jewbilee, we’re about to drop some serious knowledge on you.  If you do know about it, skip down a bit and save some money on your ticket!  
     The Whisky Jewbilee is the Jewish Whisky Company’s charity whisky festival.  Last year, on crazy short notice, the Jewish Whisky Company gathered 32 brands and over 150 whiskies and managed to draw 250 attendees to the inaugural Whisky Jewbilee in New York City.  This year, they had much more advanced warning, and decided to plan two events.  Both events will be Glatt Kosher catered by the award winning Ari White, Executive Chef, Gemstone Caterers; Pitboss, Wandering Que. There will be more than 45 brands, and more than 200 whiskies at this year’s events.  And as if two events instead of one were not enough of a scaling up for these guys, they also managed to produce a special festival bottling just for the Whisky Jewbilee.

     To be clear: this event is for Jews, Gentiles, and heathens alike.  In other words, all are welcome.  Otherwise, how could you explain the fact that Stephen’s going to attend the Mt. Kisco one?  After all, he’s an atheist who believes in faith healing with respect to auto repair.
     The first event is on Wednesday, October 9th in Mt. Kisco, NY at Grand Prix (333 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco, NY 10549).  Please note: since Grand Prix, if you haven’t guessed already, given its name, is a premier gaming and racing facility.  Accordingly, gaming is from 5pm – 7pm (all racing and gaming ends when tasting begins), while the tasting is from 7pm – 10pm.  So no, you cannot get liquored up and then drive go-karts.  In fact, you can’t get liquored up and drive anywhere at all–that’s against the law.  But then again, you knew that.  
     Tickets for the Mt. Kisco event are $110 or $90 for Single Cask Nation Members. To buy tickets for the Mt. Kisco with The Malt Impostor’s exclusive discount, please go to this landing page:

If instead, you can’t follow instructions and use that landing page, then just make sure you use the discount code:  MALTIMP13

     The second event is Thursday, October 10th in New York City at Zanger Hall (347 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001).  Tasting is from 7pm – 10pm.  Cigars and bourbon outside (weather permitting) from 8pm – 10pm.  There will be no go karts at this event.  Tickets for the NYC event are also $110 or $90 for Single Cask Nation Members (though members get the discounted price for one or the other event; if you’re so ambitious as to try to go to both events, you’ll pay just a bit more).  To buy tickets for this event with The Malt Impostor’s exclusive discount, please go to this (different) landing page:

If you still can’t follow instructions and use that landing page, well…we’ll see if you can figure it out for yourself.  

      Unfortunately, but our discount codes do not apply to Designated Driver tickets.  This is a matter of principle: if someone’s good enough to drive you to and from this event and hang around at the event and not drink while you do, then a $3.50 discount on what is already a cheap Designated Driver ticket will not do as a gesture of thanks.  You’ll simply have to do better, and we made sure of that by structuring the discount accordingly. 

Finally, here’s the press info on that very attractive festival bottling they’ve got on offer for the event:
    The special festival bottling is of a single barrel from Heaven Hill distilleries and is a 15 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon from a high-rye mash bill, bottled at 122.6 proof (61.3% ABV). The barrel rendered fewer than 100 bottles and is expected to be priced at $110 per bottle. Those who wish to purchase the festival bottling will have to sign up at the Jewish Whisky Company table at either Whisky Jewbilee event; 40 bottles will be allotted to both Whisky Jewbilee events. This very special Whisky Jewbilee bottling of Heaven Hill Kentucky Straight Bourbon is first come, first served. Jewish Whisky Company, LLC has partnered with Support Connection as the charity organization of choice for these two events. Support Connection is a Not-for-profit organization providing free breast cancer and ovarian cancer support services for patients and their families: A portion of proceeds from both Whisky Jewbilee events will benefit Support Connection.


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