The Wemyss Spice King 12

50 ml Vasco de Gama mini

Wemyss-Spice-King-12Tasting notes:
     From the start, we see this dram has aged some since we saw it last.  On the nose we pick up notes of aftershave from the Vermont Country Store.  For a laugh, I pantomimed daubing it behind my ears only to look over and see that Bill had poured the bulk of his measure onto his chest, and was now rubbing it in a seductive figure eight while muttering to himself.  Yes, I thought to myself.  They really put the Spice in Spice King.  On the mouth it’s a freshly sanded pinewood derby car wiped down with a tack cloth made by Frederick’s of Hollywood.  A milk caramel.  Apple cider blasted by an espresso machine steam wand into a creamy, buttery froth.  An orange studded with cloves made into a morning star for an especially festive Renaissance “faire.”  The mouth is fast and light, but the finish lasts longer than we expected.  Fat free hazelnuts dried in the smoke of a bamboo fire tended by a Red Panda.  No, the fire is tended by that shearling-jacketed monkey that walked up to IKEA and into Internet stardom.  And does he ever have a way with fat free hazelnuts.  There is much to like here, but being bottled at 40% does take a little away from the impact of this balanced and winning dram.  We recommend a bloodless coup and the rank of Spice Undersecretary.


–On the scale of job titles that can be randomly generated–
Wemyss Spice King is Human Group Representative–This one is funny and has the wide applicability/appeal characteristic of this dram.  The others are frighteningly realistic.  Go ahead.  Generate a new title now.


                       –John, Dynamic Paradigm Architect at The Malt Impostor

–Our thanks to Karen Stewart and The Wemyss Malts for the sample! 

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