The Caperdonich Burns Malt 17 Year 1995 #95068 TWB* Exclusive (30 ml bunny nursing bottle)

Tasting notes: 
     It’s wrong to say this bunny burns: it’s more like a bunny lathered up with soap scented with peony and primrose.  OK, but only if it was the most gorgeous bunny you’d ever seen.  And it could talk.  And it told you that it wanted to be your friend.  Your best friend forever.  And you weren’t even the least bit skeptical–about either her sincerity or her ability to talk to you.  Oh, and she’s chewing on gardenia flower petals.  
Oh wait!  This isn’t the Bunny–it’s the Caperdonich!  Damn!  Well, screw it.  I’m committed to the premise now… (Look for the Bunnahabhain Burns Malt tasting notes in the coming days).
     You take a sip, and your bunny friend transforms into a butter bunny.  That’s right, a bunny made out of butter, similar to the chocolate bunnies you’d find around Easter, but here the eye is made of a Red Hot instead of sugar paste.  Oh, and you don’t mind that you just lost your BFF in the conversion, because damn, that’s some creamy-ass butter.  And the Red Hot kicks in late after all the creaminess, but it works together…really well.  The finish explodes into cinnamon spicy utter amazingness that makes you care not a wit that your BFF turned buttery treat is no more.  OK, you do care that the buttery treat is no more.  In fact, the realization makes you weep.

–On the scale of things that could be easily mistaken for bunnies–
The Caperdonich Burns Malt 17 Year Old 1995 #95068 TWB Exclusive is the jackalope–As animal hybrid mythical creatures go, does it get any better than this?  The answer is no. 
And yes, I’m still crying.  Shut up.



Our thanks to Alastair and the good people at The Whisky Barrel for the sample!  

*–The Whisky Barrel (Caperdonich Burns Malt 17 Year 1995 Exclusive)

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