Whisky Live New York City is April 3rd! Use Our Discount Code!

It’s here again, people:  Whisky Live in New York City!  Stephen attended two years ago, and all three Impostors attended the outstanding Whisky Live Boston last fall, so we can attest to its spectacularity and swank.

Alas, none of us here at The Malt Impostor can make it to Chelsea Piers on Wednesday, April 3rd for the event.  For out-of-towners like us, a Wednesday is tough (next time hold it on a Friday…please?!?).  In fact, we’re going to do the right thing and show up for work that day (and the next), though we do plan to picket just outside the front doors of our respective places of employment for our collective rights to hang with master distillers, brand ambassadors, and industry experts as they pour over 250 whiskies from Scotland, the U.S., Ireland, India, France, Japan, and Sweden.  We’ll also be threatening boycotts of our lunchrooms to make clear that, but for the shackles of “the man,” we’d be able to enjoy the lavish bourbon-themed dinner on tap at Whisky Live NYC.  

Later in the day, we’re planning on taking over the office supply rooms, mixing boxes of pens and pencils, regular paper and watermarked paper, yellow and orange sticky notes–you name it–to protest our God-given right to enjoy the newest component of Whisky Live:  Cocktails Live, where mixologists and bartenders from the best whisky bars in New York City will mix their original cocktails for all of those not completely downtrodden by their wage slavery.

So if you believe in our cause, meet down at the docks Chelsea Piers, at Pier Sixty, 23rd Street on the Hudson River.  Make sure you wear a black turtleneck.  (No, I don’t know why, exactly–it’s just what people like us do!)  The event starts at 5:00PM for VIP ticket holders, for whom tickets are $149.  Standard tickets are $119 and allow entry at 6:30PM.  The event ends at 10:00PM, with last pour approximately at 9:40PM.  Every guest receives a complimentary Glencairn crystal tasting glass.  

For tickets, please visit:    www.whiskylive.com

But you’ll also want to remember the password discount code we have for you:  

Use the code “wlmedia” (without the quotation marks, and it’s case-sensitive) for 15% off of your ticket price. 
And here you thought collective action wouldn’t ever get you anything.


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