The Whisk(e)y Explorers Club is once again new and improved

The newest iteration of the Whisk(e)y Explorers Club showed up on the front porch a little while back now, and we’ve finally had our chance to go through it together.  Now, we’ve been proponents of the WEC since Doug Stone came up with the idea and invited us to try it out and give our take on it.  Granted, we have a soft spot for minis, since we got our start reviewing them (it wasn’t out of necessity: we just thought it was funnier to review minis), but we also love the idea of trying many whiskies (or whiskeys) we’ve never had before, and doing so all at one time.  In the years since creating the WEC, Doug and have continued to refine and improve the product, and this latest flight is no exception.  

One side note:  for a moment, we wondered if maybe there was supposed to be an apostrophe somewhere toward the end of “Explorers”, but then we decided we were just glad this wasn’t one of those instances where an apostrophe is inserted somewhere it doesn’t belong.  After all, each of us has been known to go all Bob the Angry Flower in the past.

We won’t reveal the contents of this flight, but we will note that Doug, et al. tried something new in this one, and we were a bit slow to catch on.  In part, that’s because we avoid research (that is, much of any reading, including letters enclosed with the product that explain things) on any product we review, lest we inadvertently wander out of our Impostordom and into traffic.  Actually, reading the bottle carefully would’ve given us a clue on this one, but we missed that, too.  But this is what happens when you drink with great friends:  long overdue conversations take precedence over pesky things like reading.  

Speaking of finding reading burdensome, the Whisk(e)y IQ game is our least favorite part of the deal, but only because in the midst of the game, we’re more like rats hitting the bar for another pellet of food than we are like connoisseurs who are trying to make fine distinctions.  But then again, as you may have noticed, we’re not particularly good at taking things seriously.  Actually, the opportunity to guess which whisk(e)y we think it is (from four choices) and to guess its retail price are both parts of the game we really enjoy.  However, we get bogged down in trying the parts of the game that ask one to identify the elements of the nose, mouth, and finish.  But that may just be us: it’s not like we know any of the terms typically employed for describing such things, as each and every one of our reviews can attest.
Finally, we’re excited about this year’s Whisk(e)y Explorers Club because…well, at the moment we can only say that there’s something very interesting afoot with the Club and its future offerings.  Stay tuned for more on that front soon…

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