The Key to the Clans: Macleod (50 ml tartan-clad mini)

Tasting notes:
There can be only one 50ml bottle!

That’s just not so; there are many.

I am Connor Macleod of Clan Macleod, the Highlander, and I must cut off your head.

Actually, you’re a nifty 50 ml bottle of whisky. And if you cut off my head, how could I savor the nose, which is like llama-leather boots greased with alpaca fat, worn by an intrepid Incan who, with help from aliens, created the first hydroponic garden in Lake Titicaca, and then tromped through it. There are green peppers, jicama stalks, plaintains, and alien grapes.

I am Connor Macleod of Clan Macleod!

The mouth is fiery, like your temper, with a quick finish. A second swirl, since my head is still attached to my neck, opens up a mahogany chest with polished silver and brass fittings. Inside are papayas and pickles, bananas and beef burgundy, crabapples and crawdads.

The finish is agile, evanescent, and gone—




–On the scale of iconic 70s detective shows starring Dennis Weaver–
The Key to the Clans (Macleod) is McCloud–Wait,what??? What happened to Connor Macleod and Highlander? It’s gone, baby, gone. Just like my 50ml bottle.



Our thanks to Helen and ImpEx for the sample! 


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