The Bushmills Black Bush (750 ml flash mob enabler bottle)

     Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, The Malt Impostor and a host of fine (serious) whisky blogs have conspired to create a Bushmills Flash Mob Blog.  Basically, it entails all of the sites involved posting a review of the Bushmills Black Bush today and then tweeting about it under the hashtag: #BushmillsMB.
     But since ours is as much a humor site as a whisky one, we couldn‘t resist the innuendo that comes with this Irish whiskey’s name.  But in light of that innuendo (tastefully done, to our minds, anyway), we decided it’d be perhaps more appropriate for our raunchy redheaded (for today, anyway) sister site, Malt Gone Wild.
      So check out our St. Patrick’s Day tasting note on this Bushmills whiskey by clicking on the link below, and please forgive us in advance.  And if you like the post, please tweet about it using the hashtag: #BushmillsMB !!! 


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  1. Darn, while the innuendo of the Black Bush name is very funny, I’m surprised no one has referenced Black Bush from the Chappelle Show.

    Then again that might be too easy a target…

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