The SMWS 48.26

30 ml Contraband Iguana Teeth Smuggling Cache

[Here is another current offering from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (as always, with Lo-Mob effects on the pics!).  Check out this other post for more on these reviews.  If you want to find out more about the SMWS or their bottlings, visit]

SMWS-48.26Tasting notes: 
     Nosing the SMWS 48.26 brings me to a freshly-turned garden larded with unharvested turnips, beets, and swallow nests. Hints of mangoes, palm trees, and palmetto bugs. Lackadaisical days in the tropics, tryptophan nights with dark meat roasted salted turkey legs. Ginsu knife handles. (I’m feeling the need to insert the word “improbably” before or after every clause. If you wish, gentle reader, feel free to insert it yourself.) On the mouth, kiwis and manzanita bushes, kalamata olives and denatured ocean water. (Yes, yes, denaturing is a process that causes broken proteins to communally aggregate. It’s poetic license, dammit! My proteins are breaking and communally aggregating! It’s the “Occupy Bill’s Palate!” movement.) The finish is assertive, like a tired waitress who really wants to clear your plates so she can go home to the love of her life, which despite your fantasies, is not you.
     A splash of water brings lemon chiffon and egg whites. Mica flakes, steam turbines, and freshly painted cedar Adirondack chairs. On the mouth, undyed cotton candy, an Alfa Romeo painted yellow, and eggs scrambled with a sprinkling of chives, pear pips, and Taleggio formaggio for Joe DiMaggio. The finish is an oaken spinning wheel, a pair of brand-new Ugg Boots, and Tom Brady’s bristles. That is to say, all women will go crazy for it, and all men will be either jealous, dismissive, or smitten with a man-crush. (I’m in the latter camp, but for the finish of the SMWS 48.26, not for Tom Brady.)

–On the scale of delightful hotel amenities–
The SMWS 48.26 is the Breakfast Buffet–An embarrassment of choices, all delicious. Custom made omelets, bacon, fruit salad, scones, flapjacks, maple syrup, sausages, OJ, coffee, tea, croissants, … it just goes on and on. Yummmmmmy. Yummalicious. Yumbo the Yellephant.



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