The SMWS 26.84

30 ml absentee ballot filler-outer bottle

[Here’s yet another review of one of the current offerings from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  Check out the beginning of this other post for more on these reviews.  If you want to find out more about the SMWS or their bottlings, visit]

SMWS-26.84Tasting notes: 
     Strawberry shortcake in a rum puddle, a garden gnome blanketed in fondant, three perfumed women in elevators all rising, unbeknownst to each other, to meet the guest in room 2133.  This is a special whisky for special occasions.  Lighter in the mouth than a teeth-whitening appointment at an anxiety-free dentist.  Who also, it seems, is an accountability-free dentist.  A little water brings out–oh, who am I kidding?  I didn’t add a single dropit is splendid exactly as it is.  Bottled at a proof that is the equal of my body temperature, I find my lips forming the word, “simpatico” over and over.  The offer of friendship from this whisky is warmly received.  A finish of subtle tanginess, a whisper of osso bucco remnants in a copper pot, and candy clutched in the determined grip of a middle child. 

–On the scale of scales
 The SMWS 26.84 is the balance beam–One one side, you’ve got Stephen’s need for peat and sherry (or Pete and Sherri?). On the other, you’ve got Bill’s love of smoothness, modulated finishes, and ferrets.  Astride the beam is John in all of his moral rectitude.



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