The Benrinnes 14 Year Old MoM* Single Cask (3 cl MoM* mini)

[This is one Master of Malt sent us just to get us to review it for them (see our Disclaimer here). It took a while to get the sample to us, and as we go to press, it is now sold out.  Something like this has happened to us before:  see our reviews of their Cragganmore 20 and their Cambus 18.  But in those cases, it was really our delay that led to the problem.  Here, we got to this in good order (though it did take a while to get to us).  It’s just that they sold out of this one really quickly–yet another testament to the brilliance of the Master of Malt folks and their choices of single cask products.  We hope you enjoy the review nonetheless.]        

Editor’s note:
Up front, we should say that we really enjoyed this whisky.  It was wonderfully singular, presenting us with a complex profile the likes of which we’d never come across before.  But as we were tasting it, John just blurted out with this all-too-brief review, and we immediately felt we had to run with it.  Please keep in mind:  we view The Malt Impostor as equal parts humor site and whisky site.

 Tasting notes
    This is like a weird Armenian meat pie.


–On the scale of Armenian meat pies–
The Benrinnes 14 Year Old Master of Malt Single Cask is weird–Ok, so that’s not the fairest or clearest rating (or review) we’ve ever given, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t totally apt in some strange way.



*–Master of Malt   (Benrinnes 14 Year Old Master of Malt Single Cask)
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  1. Fan-fricken-tastic!

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