The SMWS 7.69

30 ml Post Office queue companion bottle

[This is the second of many shorter, link-free reviews we’re posting on current Scotch Malt Whisky Society offerings (and we’re working in some Lo-Mob photographic effects just to keep it fresh).  More details at the beginning of this other post.  If you want to find out more about the SMWS or their bottlings, you should visit]

SMWS-7.69Tasting notes: 
     The nose on this sterling dram is the confluence of two very slow-moving rivers: one of maple syrup, the other delicious leatherwood honey.  The two merge and then grudgingly break over a muskrat lodge constructed from popcorn and chrysanthemums.  The mouth is an entire meal: hibiscus gratin, tartiflette with reblochon cheese and lardons, and the unmistakable notes of Tasmanian sea trout à la grecque.  I would add to this a maple fruit sorbet and a mood of Icelandic reserve, as the finish far surpasses in depth and insight the conversation at the table.  Stephen was struck by the wisp of exhaust pipe smoke on the finish.  Bill remarked on how the addition of a few drops of water took the allegro of floral notes on the nose and mouth and slowed them to an adagio, but I thought was like walking into a room the Queen had departed fully two hours before.  Enticing, mature beyond its years, and the object of intense, unreciprocated desire—as I enjoy it, I see that I have been thrown back into my middle school crush on [name redacted].  Oh, how I wished then that I could take her [noun] and [verb] it, just [adverb] [verb] it! 

–On the scale of words or phrases that rhyme with à la grecque
The SMWS 7.69 is demi-secIt flourishes, unlike the Zapotec or Chiang Kai-shek; and it is more refined than a discotheque or hunt-and-peck.  Finally, it is fitting to borrow from the champagne lexicon when describing this wonderful whisky.




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