The SMWS 30.68

30 ml door-to-door salesman tolerator bottle

[This is the fourth of many shorter reviews we’re posting on current Scotch Malt Whisky Society offerings (and we’re keepin’ it real with some Lo-Mob photographic effects).  More details at the beginning of this other post.  If you want to find out more about the SMWS or their bottlings, you should visit]

SMWS-30.68Tasting notes: 
     Wonderfully winey on the nose, like a Sonoma dump bucket just after the limos have exited the vineyard’s gates.  Wet hay, soaked in wine, as though a drunk ostler had upended his “decanter”—in this case, a worn pommel holster that said ostler long ago lined with lacquer to prevent it from leaking or soaking into the leather—whilst chasing a stable girl.  There are also hints of the wood cork our ostlericious friend had earlier in the day yanked from a dusty bottle with his teeth just before “decanting” it.  On the mouth, this expression transforms to something like a cranberry liqueur—or better, a lingonberry ice wine from Sweden, complete with a pair of reindeer carved into its tall, thin, and otherwise overly mod bottle.  Then comes a long, prickly finish.  On the upper palate, it’s spongy yet full, like a Nerf™ ball inserted into your sinuses.  Meanwhile, on the tongue, it’s pāhoehoe-esque, coating your mouth in smooth, undulating molten-ness that warms and reassures and leaves your feet intact, unlike normal lava.

–On the scale of places in the world these notes have yet to go–
The SMWS 30.68 is a free-range farm in Guadalajara—Why?  Because there’s bacon there!  Duh!




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