The SMWS 24.122

30 ml last hour of work tolerator bottle

[This is the third of many shorter reviews we’re posting on current Scotch Malt Whisky Society offerings (and we’re working in some Lo-Mob photographic effects just to keep it fresh).  More details at the beginning of this other post.  If you want to find out more about the SMWS or their bottlings, you should visit]

SMWS-24.122Tasting notes: 
     The SMWS 24.122 opens the “Let’s dine in reverse” meal with a buttery-crusted lemon tart garnished on the side with the wages of sin. (Tart? Garnished? Wages? Sin? Too soon after the DNA lab results, Stephen?) Really, on the side the pâtissier has gifted the tart with a dollop of blackberry ice cream with cherries on top—but it could be cherry ice cream with blackberries on top, because I am colorblind. Drinking it is like coming to consciousness after failed last rites and a miraculous cure in a large cathedral: Vast architectural detail, swung censers burning special incense normally reserved for Archbishops, Knights Templar, Rooks, and other cedar-carved chess pieces doused liberally with apricot sauce and blue cheese. Refined, balanced, spectacular. With water, it’s out of the cathedral and into the florid florally Florida meadows.

–On the scale of minor miracles–
The SMWS 24.122 is Teuscher chocolates airlifted daily from Switzerland to the United States–I love our global economy!




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