The High West Silver OMG Pure Rye (200 ml disposable glass flask)

Tasting notes [this time, in classic style]:

Nevr likd kleer wisky B4. im like, WTF, no oke barrl? Kooper, ur doin it wrong! tastings worser den kar koolant. I pooring it into dogz dish for to haz totl LOLz. He, he! But dis wisky smeelz gud. OMG wau! I luvz me dis Ri wisky. Eeting lik krakr and seereull. But sweet to tasteing also. Maybee marffmelw fluf and joonapurr bereez. Delishush froot and grayne makins all de kittehs sai YETH! GIMME! Or we wils layz on ur keebord–or we will drives ur car!  Oh noes! Futstepz cumin and mess evrywers. Kut kitteh blamz awl on teh stoopid dog. He, he! I can haz hi west Ri wisky? Pleez!!! Kthxbai!


–On the scale of reviews written by Stephen’s incontinent cat, Henry–
The High West Silver OMG Pure Rye is this review–Now, we are very aware of the perils of claiming an identity between sign and signified, between le mot et la chose, but are you going to tell Stephen that his cat’s first published work is not at least as noteworthy as the whisky he reviewed?  I thought not.

     –Henry, with editorial assistanz from teh John


*–Our thanks to Troy Karnes and the great people at High West for the sample!

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