The Bunnahabhain Burns Malt 21 TWB Exclusive (3 cl TWB* mini)

Tasting notes: 
On the nose, we got a frog doing the backstroke in a huge butter churn–that is, a hint of swampy herbaceousness luxuriating in a world of buttery goodness.  But there’s wood and wood polish in there as well, evoking those familiar Sunday morning smells of pancake batter made from furniture.  Or, if those aren’t your family memories, perhaps it’s the familiar smell of old flowers in a Ming vase next to an orange molded over with botrytis.  Overall, this dram offers the ideal version of a Bunnie nose.
     There’s no joke with respect to that last bit.  For one thing, it’s too easy (dare I say, facile?).  For another thing, humor is about exploding expectations.  Really, it is a gorgeous nose, replete with the classic Bunnahabhain signature notes one remembers from lesser expressions.  Oh you want a funny link nonetheless, you say?  Well, you can find one yourself this time.  And if you find a good one, paste the link into a comment, below.
     In the glass, before you drink, you can’t help but notice the great legs and dark body of this one:  it’s a veritable…well…me after I’ve been on the beach for a couple of days.  I darken up real nice when I tan…and if only you could see these gams…(Boom! Exploded again!)  Moving on, the mouth it’s a caramel apple.  No wait, a caramel caramel (and again!).  Perhaps alongside a clove-studded quince.  It’s sweet, and almost cloying into the finish.  In fact, the finish is downright tactile, while offering very little flavor.  Add some water, and that changes.  The nose is smoother, more floral:  a caramel blossom or perhaps marzipan petals strewn at the wedding of competing confectioners.  The mouth and the finish, though, come through with new flavors, like those of chipotle Jolly Ranchers™ given to bad children at the aforementioned wedding.  The marriage of sweet and spice here is truly memorable.  Trust me when I say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

–On the scale of marriages that just make too much sense–
The Bunnahabhain Burns Malt 21 is George Clooney’s never getting married— Boom!  Never saw that one coming, did ya?  But sit there and try to tell me it doesn’t work remarkably well nonetheless…



Our thanks to Alastair and the good people at The Whisky Barrel for the sample!  

*–The Whisky Barrel (Bunnahabhain Burns Malt 21 Year Old 1990 Exclusive)

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