The 2012 Drammies: Call for Nominations

The 2012 Drammie Awards

Announcing the   
2012 Drammie Awards 
Call for Nominations 
Our good friends at ForWhiskeyLovers are pleased to announce (and we’re pleased to help them spread the word about) the Call For Nominations for the 2012 Drammie Awards.
The mission of the Drammie Awards is to put the power of “recognition” in the hands of the whisk(e)y consumer.  Just keep in mind that the more whisk(e)y you drink, the less refined your power of “recognition” is likely to be.
The 2012 competition commences with a nominating process where WhiskeyLovers can submit their own nomination(s) for any number of 15 total award categories.   
The fifteen nominating categories are:
1.    Best Whiskey Packaging  
2.    Best Whiskey Marketing Campaign
3.    Worst Whiskey Marketing Campaign
4.    Best Whiskey Distillery Tour
5.    Whiskey Innovator of the Year/ Innovative New Whiskey
6.    Best Whiskey Information Source (Blog, Podcast, Magazine/ other)
7.    Best Whiskey Bar
8.    Best New Whiskey Related Product (book, resource, web site, etc)
9.    Whiskey Blender of the Year
10.  Independent Whiskey Bottler of the Year
11.  Whiskey  Distillery of the Year
12.  Most Underrated Whiskey
13.  Best Whiskey Value/ Bang for the Buck
14.  Best New Whiskey of 2012
15.  Best Whiskey of 2012 
Nominations will be accepted until midnight (Eastern Daylight Saving Time, we assume) on Friday, March 30th 2012.  You can enter your nominations here
After nominations are closed, ForWhiskeyLovers will post the top five (5) nominations (those receiving the  most nominating votes) for each category on, and voting will commence to select the category winners.  Voting will be conducted for another two weeks, until Friday April 13th 2012.   
The 2012 Drammie Award Winners will be announced on Monday April 16th.
If you’ve never visited, consider this a great opportunity to go to the site and check it out, if nothing else.  

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