The 35 Year Old Rare Classic Cask Whisky (50 ml Zim the Great* potion bottle)

Tasting notes: 
     The 35 Year Old Rare Classic Cask Whisky immediately invites the question: How on earth did they fit a cherry ice cream sundae served in a mahogany bowl agleam with Kiwi shoe polish into my glass? How did they get a Tupelo honey Q-tip to swab out my olfactory sensors? How did they manage to bind my face in a butter-drenched cinnamon caramel Fuji apple swaddling of bandages? I feel like a snorkeler in a warm sea of lightly spiced butterscotch. It’s tempting to abandon my tube to the atmosphere, swim to the bottom, and await the opening of Davy Jones’ locker.
     Instead, I drink. Thick, full, vibrant. Raspberry jam, angel wings, the essence of Scarlett Johanssen’s best lips-parted smolder, port-marinated currants, Orpheus’ lyre, S’mores made with Scharffen Berger 62% cacao chocolate bars and marshmallows made from maple sugar and quail egg-whites, dragon tears, and burnt hazelnut crème brûlée made with goat’s milk from Pan’s personal flock. My tongue swells to the roof of my mouth as if I licked Ming Tsai‘s steel wok at an inopportune moment.
     Pickled peaches, pear nectar, vibrating pizzicato-plucked strings on Paganini’s violin: a resonant finish redolent with sunshine lighting meadow-dew dappled huckleberries and snowdrop petals.


–On the scale of combinations of melted sand and ground minerals–
The 35 Year Old Rare Classic Cask Whisky is the National Cathedral West Rose Stained Glass Window–My gosh! Kaleidoscopes of color, dizzying symmetries, dazzling craftsmanship …medieval mandala madness in a non-secular modern masterpiece: It’s a higher path.



*–Our thanks to Jerry Zimmerman (and Aron Silverman and the good folks at The Classic Cask) for passing on this sample to us.  In our book, that makes him Great.  Slàinte, Jerry!

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  1. I experienced this at the Seattle SMWA event last night…

    Agreed on all points. It was not quite as smooth as I might have expected but it was the most flavorful of all – I went back for seconds….

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