Announcing The 2011 Malty Award

Malty2011We failed to award The Malty in 2010 for reasons that remain opaque to the three of us to this day.  One thing we know for sure:  it wasn’t for lack of material.  We were probably just focusing on our “serious” whisky reviews and lost sight of the need to consider this venerable and utterly useless blogger-contrived and blogger-awarded prize.  After awarding the first inaugural Malty to The Compass Box Orangerie way back in 2009, we’re back here on the second to the last day of 2011 and very proud to announce that the winner of…

The 2011 Malty for Best Unintentionally Parodic Marketing Materials for a Whisky Product is:

The Southern Comfort Pepper

     We love the marketing here, but it’s so far into over-the-top range, it’s fired itself like a rocket over the shark into new and truly wild territory.  The box, the overt reference to the most common venereal diseases, the glowing shot glasses, the USB drive, the working smoke detector:  the combination is a thing of beauty and undeniably worthy of a Malty.  See for yourself.



The taste, you ask?  We haven’t been bold enough yet to try it, but it does contain Tabasco, so it can’t be that bad.  Plus, with this kind of packaging, does it matter?



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