The Glenrothes Editor’s Cask (100 ml bottle, 4 ml liquid)

[This whisky is a collaboration between The Glenrothes and Noah Rothbaum, Editor-in-Chief of  You can find more of the details here.]

 Tasting notes: 
     In the bottle, this stuff looks like oxblood shoe polish dissolved in the tiniest splash of naphtha, but in the glass it looks a lot more like liquid heaven.  The nose offers notes of candy, but the most singular candy ever:  chocolate sherry paint drying on the walls of your harem room, redwood sap turned into a candy cane, and saffron threads encrusted in organic brown sugar.  
     On the mouth, though, you realize that this dram is truly special:  this could just as well be the marrow from the bones of Zeus mixed with liquified diamonds, with a dash of puréed rosemary pecans thrown in just to push the taste envelope a little further yet.  It’s like drinking a sour dough starter, but in the best possible way:  this dram is a quintessence of a quintessence.
     The mouthfeel is as extraordinary and complex as the taste:  it wraps your tongue in the silk scarf Grace Kelly wore in To Catch a Thief, and then continues with alternating layers of Christmas wrapping paper and mica.  This is ossobuco from a magical bull raised in a magical field and prepared in a magical pan by none other than Ferran Adrià.  You’ll want to take a couple of gold bars out of your safe to make room for this bottle.  What to do with the gold bars, you ask?  If you have a bottle of this, you won’t care.

–On the scale of drinks of the gods—
The Glenrothes Editor’s Cask is Dr. Pepper—It’s not appropriate for all occasions, and its chemical makeup must be mind-boggling.  But when the time is right—and maybe this is just my bias as a southern boy—there is absolutely nothing better.


Our thanks to Danielle Katz from Exposure and the good people at Glenrothes for  the sample

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