The Single Malt & Scotch Whisky 2011 Boston Extravaganza at the Taj Hotel

We’ll be at the Taj in Boston on October 13th–will you?  If you’re there, look for us:  we’ve decided against tuxedos this time around, but if you can identify us, you can have your picture taken with us in Groucho Marx glasses!  Hope to see you at the Taj!  If not, make it to an event near you!

Tickets to the Extravaganza in Boston and in the other cities listed on the flyer below are $120 each for Members and $135 each for Non-member guests.  If you are not a member, don’t fret:  use the promotional code “TMI2011” (that’s an acronym for The Malt Impostor, rather than Too Much Information) and you will receive your first two tickets at the Member price ($120 each).  Purchase tickets directly online:

or by calling (800) 990-1991.  Once again, use the special Malt Impostor promotional code “TMI2011” to receive your first two tickets at the Member rate.  Cheers!

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