The Nth 2012 Universal Whisky Experience (Vegas)– and new Tasting Dinners elsewhere

It’s whisky festival season here in the United States, and we’re busy readying reports on WhiskyFest San Francisco and the SMWS Extravaganza in Boston.  But until we get those little nuggets polished to the appropriately high Malt Impostor sheen, here’s one that hasn’t happened yet, along with a series of upcoming tasting dinners put together by the Universal Whisky Experience, Dalmore and Sirius, the self-titled “Intrepid Whisky Purveyors” who remain shrouded in a hazy shadow of mystery (try clicking on their link).  See the image below for the flyer for the dinners.  You can find more information and sign up for the dinners here:

The Nth 2012 Universal Whisky Experience in Las Vegas promises to be a smörgåsbord of ultra-premium, high-end drams that will have much the same effect on you as would owning a Bentley or a Bugatti–mostly in terms of causing you embarrassment to have to discuss them while in the presence of the poor…or in the presence of those who express their ressentiment via class envy the sort of classism that assumes that all wealth and luxury is necessarily fraught with moral bankruptcy (the bad sort).  For this reason alone, we are intrigued, to say the least.  Plus, we are certain there’s a cool math joke playing off of the “Nth” in the title:  we have Bill working on it and hope to have it appear in our next post on the show…  

We’re working on having some Malt Impostor representation at the event this upcoming March and would love to hear from any of you fair readers who attended last year’s event so we can have a better idea of just how ultimately debauch luxurious the event is.  We’re also working on getting a promotional code that will give our readers a discount to the event.  Stay tuned here for more on that in coming days…


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