The Compass Box Spice Tree (50 ml holy water travel vial)

Tasting notes: 
Mmmm…  This smells so nice I don’t want to drink it.  Instead, I’d like to put it inside the Glade® PlugIn® I keep with my potpourri sachets in my man cave.  Now that I think of it, I think I’ll reserve some for the cranio-sacral massage I have scheduled next week, for this is the kind of aromatherapy I can endorse.  Pink pepper, honey, sage, bay leaves, whole wheat pastry flour, a simple syrup made from red grapefruits.  It’s like an ingredient list for a dessert served by some ancient people we know little about except that they regarded such things as treats.  In the mouth there is a renewed battle between the sweet and the savory.  Toasted biscuits smeared with ginger-chive butter.  Chestnut butter and currant jelly sandwiches cut into the shapes of elephants.  Imagine a pannetone made by dour, upper-latitude Swedes, but with no hint of fish.  Throughout it is extraordinarily balanced, as we have to come to expect from other Compass Box expressions.  But this one stands out for the subtlety of 
its invitation. The flavors rest on the palate like high-end shipwreck flotsam that you, bobbing along in an inner tube, survey at your leisure.

–On the scale of pairs of Crayola Magic Scent crayons, where the newer one replaced an earlier, controversial scent
The Compass Box Spice Tree is the Peach-scented crayon being replaced by a crayon that smells like lumber–It seems that the scents were so alluring that children would eat them.  As for me, under the shade, as it were, of the Spice Tree, I’d eat the leather jacket crayon (replaced licorice) and the dirt crayon (replaced chocolate).  But the lumber crayon?  I’d keep shavings of it in a snuffbox for a discreet snort every now and again.




–Our thanks to Robin Robinson and the other good folks at Compass Box for the sample!



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  1. Heartily agree. If you see a bottle of this – grab it.

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