The Maker’s Mark Bourbon (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes: 
     Maker’s Mark impresses out of the gate with its subtle smooth nose, clean legs, and the easy loping gait. Rounding the first curve, it’s restrained, intent: not at all flighty in its forward drive. Coming around the second curve, the freshly cut melon and intensity is reminiscent of taking a visit to Fist City with Loretta Lynn, and getting a Kentucky punchbowl in the kisser.  The cornpone is hidden nicely among the other grains and its intense sweetness. Continuing down along the rail, it’s no stretch to imagine mixing it up with a pecan pie served Derby morning, and savoring it with strawberry flavored popcorn that’s been sprinkled with brewer’s yeast. Coming down the home stretch, it’s the Maker’s Maaaaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkkkk at the finish! It’s got an eight mile radius that’s so easy to hit and so easy to drink.  In the winner’s circle, garlanded with roses perfumed with nectarines, we have the world’s greatest houseguest; the sort that is generous, quiet, appreciative, and stands a fine dinner by way of a ‘thank you.’ Steaming, sweaty, fiery, and proud: a thoroughbred whose ancestry is exceeded only by the present expression.

–On the scale of easy-listening songs–
The Maker’s Mark is “Desperado” by the Eagles–The killer song of one of the top-ten selling albums of all time, a song sung or lip-synched to by drivers, guys with broken hearts, wanna be cowboys, jockeys; really anyone who lived in the 70s. Desperado. Why don’t you come to your senses? You’ve been out ridin’ fences for so long now…..

Join in anytime, and skoal, brother, skoal.




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