The Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish (appropriately, 100 ml maple syrup “recycler” bottle)

Tasting notes
Imagine eating buckwheat pancakes topped with a quarter cup of last night’s bourbon instead of the syrup sitting next to it.  The expectation of maplely-smooth goodness is enough to convey its real presence.  At least until the early morning mule kick (47.2%!) finds you blubbering nostalgically about the days of yore.  And so it is with this I-wish-I-could-be-moose-hunting-even-though-it’s-out-of-season whiskey.  As the profile settles and you wipe yesteryear from your eyes, you can appraise this richly-hued whiskey on its own merits.  Though it’s not like when the dish ran off with the spoon, there is an odd, shotgun wedding of flavors.  Unlikely and yet connubially blissful.  
A rehearsal dinner of quiche made from apricots, swiss chard, and maple-plank grilled scrod.  Then imagine an experimental dessert of candied white asparagus with a few drops of the short-lived Cran-Rasp-Blueberry Tabasco sauce, abandoned at the second-to-the-last minute by the caterer, only to be replaced, to the delight of the already showing bride, with honey-cured ham in sweet potato biscuit sandwiches run through a Krispy Kreme glazing machine.  The finish is smooth as cold metal or finished wood, or both, much like the sensation the father of the bride feels as he sits on the perimeter of the festivities, mindlessly stroking the maple stock and steel hammer of his shotgun.   

On the scale of popular music tunes featuring gratuitous prepositions–
The Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Maple Wood Finish is “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings–“In this ever-changing world in which we live in…” makes a grammarian give in and cry.  But the more equanimous bourbon drinker will welcome this happy addition to her collection, to be sure.

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