The Whisky Explorers Club Flight #4 has arrived

Late last week, Whisky Explorers Club Flight #4 showed up on our doorstep, thanks to Doug at For Scotch Lovers.  Now, we’re more excited about whisky miniatures than most people are, but we love the concept here and are looking forward to finding a time when the three of us can meet and blind taste the latest set of little bad boys.  We revealed the contents of Flight #1, with Doug’s permission of course, but as we pondered revealing Flights #2 and #3, we began to feel like party-poopers, tools (maybe even power tools), or obnoxious curtain puller-backers.  As a result, we’ve decided not to undermine the mystery, the mystique, the joy of surprise, or the Whisky IQ game that’s part of the deal–at least not any more than we already have.  But we can, are, and will continue to alert our readers to the mini-richness (that’s miniature-richness, not tiny or miniscule richness) of the Whisky Explorers Club.
     And once again, we want to remind our readers that they will receive a 10% discount on memberships to the Whisky Explorers Club, but only if they write “The Malt Impostor sent me” in the Special Instructions box–or in the Fax box.  Please note that readers will receive the discount in the form of a 10% refund after paying the full price.


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