The Wemyss Spice King 8

200 ml mini jug o' love*

Wemyss-Spice-King-8Tasting notes: 
In the glass a wonderful copper color, like your uncle’s collection of Indian head pennies rapidly transforming from the highly collectable grade of AU 58 to unacceptable smoothed shims in an acid bath.  Not-quite-ripe cantaloupe balls wrapped in prosciutto, dried cherries with the pits replaced with cloves, herring filets sizzling on a cedar plank amidst the outraged cries of Lew Zealand.  In a word, the balance and complexity of this 8 year old is striking.  With more vim and braggadocio than a pack of teenage tombstone topplers, this remarkable whisky is an ideal college entrant: well-rounded, amply-credentialed, and, despite lacking some depth, ready to take on the world.  And as she surveys the resplendent grounds of the University, she strides purposely away from the nagging, summer doubts over a scribbled high school yearbook pledge not fully understood by its recipient (“By ‘love ya,’ is she saying she loves me?”) or by its writer (“Was Raymond the guy in Trigonometry?”).


–On the scale of unforgettable, early-career motion picture moments–
The Wemyss Spice King is Uma Thurman in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen–Transcendent symmetry, yes, and hints of the leavening graces time brings. “Hello,” indeed!



*Special thanks to Susan Colville, Cameron and Wilma for sharing the love with us.  Slàinte!


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