The Compass Box Oak Cross (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes: 
The Malt Impostor feels very much at home with the Compass Box Oak Cross.  You see, we have a lot in common.  Just as Compass Box brings together three Highland malts, so the Malt Impostor brings together three different but like-minded lovers of whisky.  And just as this fine malt matures in American barrels, so too do we age, in our ever-widening and wholly American barrels.  The chief difference is what gives the Oak Cross its name:  the American oak bodies are sealed with new French oak heads.  Naturally, this leads us to consider how different our enterprise would be as, but the whisky before us beckons.  The nose is round and spicy with a touch of fruit, like a Bloody Mary made with peach juice, triple-distilled Brazilian Cachaça, datil peppers, and a stalk of celery.  The taste is wonderfully balanced; the work of the Oak Cross barrels is clearly the best partnership between the French and the Americans since the Louisiana Purchase.  The long finish simply delights.  Imagine the pleasures of your mouth if your uvula were replaced with a strobe light and your molars were turned into subwoofers.  Party down, tongue, and get your groove on!


–On the scale of things with American bodies and French heads–
The Compass Box Oak Cross is Paul Prudhomme–Just as Compass Box innovated with charred barrels and carefully matched malts, so too Chef Paul with blackened redfish and carefully matched fowl.  And like Mr. Prudhomme, it too could repel .22 rounds and keep on cooking.




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