Join us–and Bowmore–on Facebook

If you do the whole Facebook thing, then please look us up (“Malt Impostor”) and friend us.  We’d love to get so many friends that we have to move to a fan page instead, but we’re a ways from that.  Nonetheless, we’re pretty stoked to have more than 1,000 friends there…

Our good friends at the Bowmore Distillery do not have that problem.  They’ve just passed 7,000 fans and are pushing now for 10,000.  Given how many people there are around the world who love Bowmore and all of its expressions, we’re surprised they’re not already there.  If you haven’t already, go look them up, too, and click on the “Like” button up at the top of the page.  Once you do, updates and contests from the Bowmore Distillery website will show up on your wall–and that alone is worth the price of admission.

You gotta love networking, people!  Enjoy…and slàinte! 

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