The Malt Impostor’s One Year Maltiversary!

in which we review the Lagavulin Distiller's Edition 1990

     One year ago today, we posted our first set of tasting notes.  Since then, we’ve come a long way, thanks to all of our readers and thanks to recognition we’ve received from some of the top whisky blogs out there.  
     To celebrate, we’re posting an unpublished set of tasting notes written in our early days before we committed to reviewing miniatures as much as possible.  Going back through our archives, we found this old-school gem and thought it (and the whisky) especially appropriate for our one year maltiversary.  Enjoy and slàinte!

The Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition 1990-2006

Tasting notes:
This is the rare malt that can be described in a single term, Mitterand, for it perfectly blends the flavors of the statesman’s last meal: oysters, foie gras, capons, and ortolan, tiny, yellow-throated songbirds engorged on diet of millet, grapes, and fig—then drowned in a snifter of Armagnac, roasted in their own fat, and finally taken into the mouth under a linen napkin both to concentrate the aroma and veil the glutton from His judgment.  Finishing notes of the wheat of Morocco, the salt air of the Mediterranean, and the lavender of Provence, tracing the migratory pattern of the delicious bird. 


–On the scale of fictional places in the Southern United States–
The Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition 1990 is Yoknapatawpha County–There is no other.



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  1. Time flies. Keep up the good work, freAks!

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