The MacPhail’s Collection 1991 Bunnahabhain (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes:
This dram offers a unique syzygy of flavors and aromas reminiscent of Wonka’s Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum, only that the dessert comes first–and there’s none of the Violet violence on the finish.  This dram’s nose is Islay through and through:  imagine a delicious chocolate cupcake drenched in honey crawling up your nose as you lounge in a one-of-a-kind Eames chair next to a table of smoldering incense cones made of peat.  But to say that much is to neglect the wonderful heathery-ness on the nose:  for that, imagine Roller Girl weaving her way up into your sinuses (I could have put her atop the cupcake, I suppose, but one must avoid overloading imagery lest it lose its effect or neglect a key aspect–in this case, the enchanting movement she would have no need to engage in astride a mound of icing).  In sum, on the nose, you’ll find peat, honey, chocolate, heather, goodness, and joy.  In the mouth, this dram hits you with a perfectly balanced smokey peat hammer and pounds you into blissful submission.  This excellent dram cloys at the finish and offers a remarkably savory flavor profile:  black pepper and bay leaf simmering in demi-glace in anticipation of being drizzled over osso buco.  Unlike Violet, you won’t want it to end.  Ever.


–On the scale of contemporary Southern (U.S.) poets–
The MacPhail’s Collection 1991 Bunnahabhain is Coleman BarksLook him up.  Then try to find a better one.  Go ahead.  Try.



(This is one of about 14 minis that John’s brother-in-law brought back to us from a trip to Scotland–a massive coup for us here at the Malt Impostor.  So here’s to brother-in-laws:  may they all be as generous and as crazy cool as John’s is)

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