Whisky Explorers Club Bottle #4 (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes:
The Whisky Explorers Club’s Mystery Dram #4 is light in the glass, a pale yellow swallowtail of an expression.  A beehive of honey nestled in the hollow of a pine tree infused with the pollen of tobacco plants. Brandy-dipped cigarillos smoked by Clint Eastwood, glinty, glowering, grim in the gloaming.  On the tongue, flaming bananas foster liberally, and unorthodoxly, peppered with maraschino cherries.  Like finding an old friend, or perhaps rediscovering one’s faith after the long dark night of the soul.  A homecoming after years at sea and discovering that while everything is different, it’s still the same.  Mystery Dram #4 is the doorway to True Belief:  Glenmorangie Original 10 (in a nice glass bottle)!


–On the scale of translations of the Odyssey
The Glenmorangie 10 is Robert Fagles’ renditionJoyce’s Ulysses is a close second, but we envision ourselves as Odysseus slaying 50 salacious suitors and then cozying up to faithful Penelope, not Leopold Bloom, desires derailed by a 50-page blastgush of consciousness cataract welling from wife Molly, bedroom all hungabout with micturated drabgloom not piquant starglobes of destiny.


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  1. And it’s now certified Kosher!

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