Whisky Explorers Club Bottle #3 (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes:
The Whisky Explorers Club’s Mystery Dram #3 is an oak tree that somehow skipped the whole acorn thing.  Deep, chewy and infused with enough tannin to cure a buckskin jacket.  Somehow, though, a tiny lilac bush, Syringa vulgaris, has rooted next to the mighty oak and asserted itself like a fringe religious cult challenging the mainstream.  (I’m looking at you, Theo Epstein, for believing that small ball can defeat the mighty Yankees.)  The mouth is like a visit from the in-laws; pleasant at first, but after a while, it lingers and makes me want to take a vacation from my own tongue, throat, and gastrointestinal system.  
 Mystery Dram #3 is trekking to a remote mountaintop on a vision quest only to find a shopping mall standing there: Dewar’s!  

–On the scale of Fess Parker roles–
The Dewar’s is Davy Crockett.  Remember the Alamo. 


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