Whisky Explorers Club Flight #1 Reviews on the way

We here at the Malt Impostor are proud to announce that we have received permission to reveal (partially, anyway) the first flight of beverages available from the Whisky Explorers Club, available on the For Scotch Lovers site.  Even though Flight #2 is out now, we have agreed to protect the integrity of the Club and its IQ game by pixellating the code numbers on the little black bags that shroud the bottles in secrecy and temptation.  Now that the vebmeister has learned how to pixellate photos, we’re considering possibly pixellating entire whisky bottles if they’re particularly dégoûtant.   At any rate, tomorrow we will begin posting Bill’s interconnected reviews of the expressions from the first flight from the WEC.  Even though we don’t want to post them all at once (“The suspense is terrible.  I hope it’ll last.”), we will post one each of the next four days so you don’t lose the thread.  After reading these notes, we trust you’ll see that the Whisky Explorers Club is not only worthwhile, it’s nearly a religious experience.

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