The Four Roses Small Batch (750 ml jumbo-sized nip)

Tasting notes: 
The first thing one notices in this hot water bottle-shaped bottle is the large mahogany-topped cork.  (Note to self: Retain cork; serviceable as a binky for a reflux-addled infant.)  A satisfying pop draws out wisps of honeysuckle and some other flower, perhaps ox-eye daisy capers in a marinade.  There is a gentle bite from the alcohol but little of the charcoally tang in most bourbons.  But what really excites is the long, lovely woody finish, like a Lionel Hampton solo in your mouth, mallets hammering the keys of a marimba pushed into a hotel bathroom, creating so many notes on top of notes that one staggers back with the slightly concussed feeling one has after an endo.   

–On the scale of things shaped like a hot water bottle–
The Four Roses Small Batch is the Four Roses Small Batch–the top choice, just edging out the Hoffmeister hot water bottle, and a world better than either Gummy Haggis or Vegetarian Haggis. 


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