The Four Roses Bourbon (750 ml jumbo-sized nip)

Tasting notes: 
Aromas of lilacs, cornfields, and perfume characterize the nose of this bourbon, recalling courtships aborted after stumbling upon Shoeless Joe and the gang and being invited to join in a game.  The initial flavors on the tongue are sweet, yet medicinal, like an unambitious pilsner with a honey-flavored Ricola dissolved in it–or perhaps that same beer employed as a slug trap.  As the flavor profile develops, however, one is struck by how nice, smooth, and bourbon-y it is.  There is no finish and no depth, that just adds to its drinkability somehow.  And it is dangerously drinkable.  In fact, it’s so drinkable, it’s an ideal workout dram. Lacking complexity while brimming with comeliness and lithesomeness, the Four Roses is the whiskey equivalent to a 23 year-old spinning instructor.  

–On the scale of great things wasted on the young–
The Four Roses Bourbon is youth–filled with features that are smooth and/or uncomplicated, it has some basic attractiveness you just can’t resist. And you’ll pine for it when it’s gone. 


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